Case Study: Proclinical


What was the business challenge we were facing?


We operate in an extremely competitive space where the challenge that we and our rivals face is to be seen not as transactional vendors, but as consultative partners. To do this, we need to be able to get in front of our prospective market and make that case in a compelling way. We’d tried sponsoring cross industry events and running our own thing, and neither had yet done quite what we wanted it to.


Why was a LEAP HR event the perfect solution?


There is no other event which brings together the who’s who of a particular industry together in one place at one time like LEAP HR events. Because we meet over 100 new HR executives every time we take part, we can concentrate our industry engagement activities around these events, rather than trying to do it alone.


What happened as a result of being an event partner?


We’ve worked with the LEAP team for the last four years and each engagement is as valuable as the last. Every event provides a great opportunity to build new relationships in a manner that’s much more consultative than other models out there which we find is very conducive to how we like to work with companies. Our escalating involvement in LEAP events over the years demonstrates our belief that they represent a vital part of our marketing outreach.