Advancing Your Life Sciences TA Strategy Workshop

Transform How You Find, Attract & Inspire the High-Quality Talent You Need

Time: 1:00 pm
day: Workshops


This workshop is for life science organizations wanting to reinvigorate their TA process. The Leaders afternoon will spotlight some of the most innovative strategies life sciences organizations have implemented to find and attract top talent in today’s tough market, followed by meaningful panel and table discussions to get beneath the skin of TA in life sciences. This deep-dive will leave you inspired with insights, connections and new ideas to advance your approach to talent acquisition.

The three topics to be addressed include:

  • Building a Successful TA Strategy in Today’s Fluctuating Market

Digging deeper into what goes into building an impactful TA strategy for your life science organization

  • Understanding The Importance Of Employee Purpose When Building An Effective And Competitive EVP

Delving into building and sustaining an EVP for your life science organization prospective and current employees

  • How Life Science Organizations Are Leveraging Market Insight To Build A Robust TA Strategy Which Meets Evolving Candidate Demands

Uncover how leading TA life science leaders are using market insight to evolve their recruitment efforts