Driving DE&I in Life Sciences in Life Sciences Workshop

Rethinking How to Build Diversity into the Fabric of Your Organization

Time: 12:00 pm
day: Workshops


The aim of this workshop is to encourage life science organizations wanting to diversify their workforce to think outside the box. The afternoon will spotlight some of the most innovative strategies life sciences organizations have implemented to develop diversity in their business strategy, followed by meaningful panel and table discussions to get beneath the skin of DE&I in life sciences. This deep-dive will leave you inspired with insights, connections and new ideas to advance diversity in your own organization.

The three topics to be addressed include:

Building Sustainable Inclusion, Diversity & Equity into the Foundations of Your Biopharma Organization

  • Rethinking how the modern life science organization can facilitate an impactful DE&I strategy for an inclusive and future-focused company culture

How HR Can Successfully Work With Life Science Business Leaders To Incorporate DE&I In A Permanent And Meaningful Way For All Employees

  • Partnering with business leaders to weave DE&I into the fabric of your life science organization

DE&I Best Practices from Other Industries

  • Best Practices To Borrow From Other Industries To Help Build A Strategy Which Places Dei At The Forefront Of Strategic Decision-Making