Franny Levene

Franny Levene

Company: Sobi

Job title: Learning and Organizational Development Director


Panel Discussion: Reimaging Leadership Development in Fast-Growing Biotechs in 2022 11:00 am

Questions will include: What can we do to ensure our people leaders can lead effectively in fast growing life sciences organizations? How should you manage communications between leaders and employees during periods of upheaval and societal change? How can we redefine empathetic leadership? How can you build a comprehensive training program for all employees from…Read more

day: Track A - Day 1 AM

Develop: How Else Can Life Sciences HR Leaders Cultivate Cultures That Enable Employees to Bring Their Best Selves to Work? 2:10 pm

Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the ChairRead more

day: Track B - Day 1 Pm

Discover: Transforming Traditional Leadership Development & Prioritising Employee Passion in A Future Hybrid Working Life Sciences Environment 1:30 pm

How Sobi’s experiential learning approach is providing employees with exposure to new skills and real-world learning experiences to drive development, engagement, and increase employee retention Fostering cross-functional collaboration and sharing of best practices through job shadowing and professional rotations How Sobi is redefining traditional career progression to provide a path for people’s passions and to…Read more

day: Track B - Day 1 Pm

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