7:30 am

Conference Registration & Networking

8:10 am Chair’s Welcome & Recap of Day One

Driving DE&I in 2022 & Beyond

8:15 am Rethinking DE&I Strategies in Life Sciences Organizations to Deliver on Inclusiveness for Patients as Well As Employees


Questions will include:

  • How are you currently incorporating data in your DE&I efforts? How can you better empower your employees to bring their whole selves to work and ensure feel safe to do so?
  • What advice would you give to other practitioners who believe their DE&I efforts aren’t yet making the impact they’d like?
  • To what extent do you believe it is important for companies to be results focused and have transparency?
  • Can you give some examples of how you have incorporated DE&I into your daily people practices and explain the impact this has had?

9:00 am Comfort Break

9:20 am Discover: Utilizing Flexibility on the Journey to Successfully Implement a Global DE&I Strategy in Life Sciences Organizations in the US


  • How can we better tailor DE&I training to reflect what is happening culturally and in different regions of the US?
  • Being flexible and course correcting to increase employee engagement with L&D programs
  • Leveraging lessons learned from UCB’s journey to implement a global DE&I strategy in the US

9:40 am HR: The Strategic Solution to the Inclusion Revolution

  • Jesyka Simpson Managing Director, AccelPeople a Westwood & Wilshire Company


  • What is the inclusion revolution?
  • Discussing how today’s workforce requires inclusive HR leaders capable of addressing a myriad of changing workplace needs
  • AccelPeople reveal the key actions HR leaders can take to align DEIB with organizational strategy and adapt to the ever-changing demands of 2022 and beyond

10:00 am Develop: What More Can We Learn About How to Create Genuine Change in Hybrid Working Life Sciences Organizations?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

10:20 am Action: Rethinking How You Can Now Create Genuine Change in Hybrid Working Life Sciences Organizations


Output-Focused Discussion Session

10:40 am

Networking Break


11:10 am Discover: Setting New Hires Up for Success: New Approaches to Orientation in a Rapid-Growth Remote-Work Environment


  • What new HR thinking is required to take a new group of employees, many of whom are remote, and get them engaged and connected as a whole
  • Building a way to rapidly “upload” institutional knowledge to new hires so they can become productive faster
  • How Ginkgo BioWorks’ new orientation has helped strengthen (not dilute), company culture and vision in the face of rapid growth and remote work

11:30 am Discover: Striking The Balance: Agile Approaches to Performance Management in Hybrid Working Life Sciences Organizations

  • Adam Thomas Chief People Officer & Secretary, Synlogic


  • Discover how to strategically reinvent traditional performance management to drive performance at all levels
  • Reimagining goals and metrics to track and evolve employee management and increase productivity
  • Learn how Synlogic is evolving the way it manages performance in a hybrid working world to drive high performance

11:50 am Develop: What More Can We Learn From Experienced HR Change Makers on How to Redefine the Employee Experience in 2022?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:10 pm Action: What Can We Now Do Differently to Redefine the Employee Experience in 2022?

TRACK B – Best Practices for Providing Radical Flexibility & Building an Entrepreneurial Culture

11:10 am Discover: Rethinking How to Deliver on the Unmet Needs of In-Demand Biopharma Workforces in 2022 & Beyond

  • Andy Porter Chief Administrative Officer, Relay Therapeutics


  • As life science organization are no longer just competing in their own geographic hub, how can we better accommodate employees as they adapt to a lifestyle of flexibility?
  • Focusing on psychological safety to bring people back into the office and ensuring all employees needs are met where the desires of the life sciences workforce have dramatically changed
  • How Relay Therapeutics have examined the cross section between people strategy and employee experience to entice people back to work and attract top talent to drive innovation

11:30 am Discover: Developing Environments That Empower Your Life Sciences Workforce to Identify & Capture New Opportunities & Areas to Transform HR’s Impact on The Bottom Line of The Business

  • Cara Stuart Head Human Resources Business Partner, BVI Medical


  • What brand new HR thinking is required to inspire your workforce and connect them with both the mission and future of your life sciences company because they have a say in how it unfolds?
  • Best practices to install the entrepreneurial spirit that is essential for a successful workforce of the future in your employees
  • Revealing BVI Medical’s insights into the benefits of building an entrepreneurial culture to drive commercial success as featured in Forbes and Business Insider

11:50 am Develop: What More Can We Learn About How to Provide Radical Flexibility & Build an Entrepreneurial Culture?

  • Cara Stuart Head Human Resources Business Partner, BVI Medical
  • Andy Porter Chief Administrative Officer, Relay Therapeutics


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:10 pm Action: What Else Will You Do Differently to Provide Radical Flexibility & Empowering All Your Life Sciences Employees?

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm Action: Speed Learning

  • Megan Wherry Menner Senior Vice President & Head of Human Resources, CRISPR Therapeutics
  • Britt Byers Senior Vice President Human Resources North America, Kyowa Kirin Pharmaceuticals
  • Steven Rotman Chief People & Corporate Engagement Officer, Karyopharm Therapeutics
  • Danny Rose Head of US Human Resources, BioNTech
  • Michaela Leo Head Of Compensation & Benefits, Ipsen Pharma
  • Tony Martignetti Chief Inspiration Officer, Inspired Purpose Coaching


  • Accelerating The NextGen of Biopharma Talent’s Readiness to Contribute to The Life Sciences Industry
  • How Can Biopharma HR Leaders Help Prioritize Employee Wellbeing in a Future Hybrid Working Life Sciences Environment?
  • How to Create a Strong Community in an Increasingly Remote Working Environment
  • Leveraging Lessons Learned from the Pandemic to Reimagine Employer Branding & Establish Your Life Sciences Organization as an Employer of Choice in 2022 & Beyond
  • How Can We Address the War for Talent in a Sustainable Manner to Quell Compensation Inflation?

In this quick-fire session, each table will be hosted by an HR leader who will share the secrets of their most high-impact leap; you then get the opportunity to question the host before moving on to your next table.Output Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

2:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference